Maxi-Cosi Babyschale Cabriofix River Blue

Maxi-Cosi Babyschale Cabriofix River Blue
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Maxi-Cosi Carseat Cabriofix Group 0+ 0-13 kg, from birht up to approx. 12 months   The Cabriofix... mehr
Produktinformationen "Maxi-Cosi Babyschale Cabriofix River Blue"
Maxi-Cosi Carseat Cabriofix Group 0+ 0-13 kg, from birht up to approx. 12 months   The Cabriofix is very lightweight and can be easily changed from base to stroller by one click. The delivery includes canopy, head pillow and a wedge pillow. The different installation possibilities provide further flexibility: The Cabriofix can be installed with the 3-point belt as well as with Isofix with the FamilyFix Base.  Installation by only one click: fast and easy installation in the vehicle thanks to the different Maxi-Cosi Bases Side Protection System: guarantees optimal safety in case of a side collision Head pillow: Extra head pillow for further comfort Practical Travelsystem: compatible with Maxi-Cosi, Quinny and many more strollers   Operating comfort Installation with 3-point belt  Isofix-Installation with base lightweight removable cover without removing the beltsystem washable cover   Comfort seat is soft padded lying position adjustable in combination with the FamilyFix canopy   Saftey 3-point harness belt Side Protection System usable rear facing   Common facts adaptable long usability with FamilyFix produced in Europe  
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